5th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics
in Chemical/Petrochemical Summit

23 – 24 November 2022 | Vienna

The time has come when supply chain and logistics topics have become the most discussed and problematic issue for all regions of the world, especially the European ones. Now it is more important than ever for the chemical and petrochemical industry, since they connect all the crucial aspects for humanity and ensure its sustainable development. How Russia-Ukraine war affected the supply chain industry all over the world?  How eco-friendly delivery routes can help us to make sustainability a priority? How to adapt and adjust to changes in trade flows and new regulations in real-time? Join our supply chain & logistics event and you’ll get answers to all these questions!

5th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics in Chemical/Petrochemical Summit has been created for all those involved in chemical & petrochemical supply sphere. This summit will cover all the challenges and trendy topics regarding the latest technologies boom in supply & logistics management, ecological issues and how to prevent them, new automated methods how to survive nowadays in 2022-2023 and opportunities for the next years in chemical logistics.

At our business meeting you will get inspired from the leading European chemical & petrochemical companies that have been on the market for decades and learn from the top players. You will also benefit from marvelous networking opportunities and get inspired from important speeches. This is the right place to share your ideas and establish new business contacts!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Supply Chain & emerging markets: New predictions to watch out for in 2022-2023
  • “Green” delivery: Making sustainability a priority with eco-friendly delivery routes
  • Key-rules to make the drivers’ lives easier: Which methods must be followed to satisfy your employees work-cycle?
  • Chemical & petrochemical: The newest and important trends to look for in 2023
  • Hottest technologies boom in supply chain & logistics management
  • When COVID-19 quiets down: Which “trials” can supply chain shippers expect to face in 2023 year?
  • Healthy tendency: World ecological issues and their prevention


Muhammad RIZWAN

Director Logistics Operations EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)


Boosting Customer Experience Through Logistics Control Towers

Concept of the Logistics Control Tower and Our Journey at AkzoNobel.
• Concept
• Process with main pillars
• Benefits vs. watchout

Bernardo SANCHEZ H.

Head of Operations Performance & Supply Chain – EMEA


Operations Performance & Supply Chain

• What are the variables impacting our Supply Chains these days?
• Supply chain today and the vision for the future
• The Role of Supply Chain within the organization (as value creator), and outside as a face to our customers
• How to minimize gaps in strategic alignment and increase operational efficiency

Sebastien VARIN

Director SHE & Process Safety Europe, Global Supply Chain


Compliance Management Within Supply Chain

The presentation will present how Ecolab is proactively managing business risk with a proactive approach on compliance both legal and internal (corporate standard) and how we use it to justify investment and manage risks.

• EU regulation complexity
• importance of compliance within our business
• better management of information
• Dashboards
• 6loss intelligence

Victor KAUPE

Manager Transport, Goods Receipt & Projects


Experience Report of Hands-on Digitalization Within Chemical Site Logistics - Of Opportunities and Challenges

• Digitalization
• Process focus
• Pragmatism
• Staff onboarding
• Failure culture

Ulrik Vigsøe STOCKMANN

Head of Global Warehousing and Operations


Operational Model of Excellence and Strategy, a Game Changer in the One Constant – Change

As the market changed within the O6G industry back in 2014 and continuously throughout today, the operational models and strategies needed to change quickly, to become agile and sustainable, to ensure they remained value adding and competitive.
This operational model of excellence and strategy was designed and implemented, with significant and instant synergies and gains across our value chain and for our clients.
Changing the operational model 180 degrees incl. the mindset, requires clear and simple model and strategy build on key drivers: Safety, Sustainability, Transparency & Standardization, Quality, Innovation and Cost.

Good opportunity to exchange experiences in supply chain and logistics improvements and to develop network.

– Process Optimisation Director, Braskem

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All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

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  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


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