4th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics in
Chemical/Petrochemical Summit

17 - 18 November 2021 | Amsterdam/Online

Today, but even more in the years to come, the chemical and petrochemical industry has to face the key challenging issues that need to be resolved and find solutions that need to be applied. Sustainability, circular economy as well as emerging new technologies supporting supply chain processes with digitalisation, to name a few. The urgent need to realise each stage of the aforementioned areas lead us on the path of – the sooner, the more future-proof. The question chemical industry deals with is how to develop a clear roadmap which enables SCM development to grow and shows the new learning progress at the same time? Join us at this interactive business meeting to have all the questions answered.

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • Defining “new normal” demand levels post-pandemic
  • Localisation programmes focusing on diversifying and supporting the region’s economic growth
  • Innovative business models and services enabled by digitalisation
  • Getting value from data that help companies to take actions
  • Moving forward with M&A activities and product portfolio differentiation
  • How to build truly sustainable supply chains whilst keeping costs under control?
  • How to ensure and enforce transparency across the supply chain?
  • How to achieve the high level of productivity that drives differentiation and innovation?
  • “Bullwhip effect”: Small changes that happen at the end market



Director Supply Chain Acquisitions & Divestments


How to Prepare and Execute M&As from a Supply Chain Perspective

More and more companies are optimising their portfolio via acquisition and divestitures to remain competitive. In this presentation the speaker will share with you how they at BASF structure themselves to manage the supply chain aspects of such deals – from the due diligence phase until the final integration/separation.


SVP, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics EMLA


Building Sustainable Supply Chain & Logistics

Covestro is fully committed to the circular economy and anchors this principle within the entire company. The supply chain & logistics organisation plays a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint – both via own activities and through partners and suppliers. This keynote will outline elements of sustainability introduced in the supply chain and how they contribute to Covestro's long-term goal of becoming fully circular.

• Covestro's circular economy vision
• Focus areas for the circular economy
• Alternative logistics strategies
• Digital tools as enablers of sustainability


Global Head of Supply Chain Excellence


Value Chain Insights: Transforming Data into Value

In today's volatile world there is a big need to transform data into value….and fast! Where can we optimise service delivery, reduce cost, or reduce lead-times? Good to know that with today's tech the possibilities are endless to transform data into value and that it does not have to start with big initiatives and big spending! In this presentation, Arno Dalhuisen will share his experience in how data is turned into value within DSM Nutritional Products and share approaches and prerequisites to bring value throughout the value chain today.

• Next generation supply chain insights & sensing
• Data analytics at scale
• Supply chain control room
• Continuous improvement

Luiz Alberto BARBERINI

Operations Manager, External Manufacturing Latin America Head


Enhancing Collaboration with External Partners for Reliable Performance

Communication and strong partnerships are critical to ensuring a reliable supply chain. The pandemic has tested and stretched all partnerships across the supply chain and the speaker from Bayer will shed light on how he and his team became more agile to ensure a reliable supply.

• Communication pacing and touchpoints to anticipate potential problems
• How to identify possible issues with suppliers and get commitment
• Predictive actions with suppliers to keep a reliable and steady supply



Global Supply Chain EHSS & Sustainability Lead


Sustainability of Transport: Decarbonisation, OSC and Still Safety First

While we focus our attention squarely on the decarbonisation of the manufacturing industry, a lot of attention is going to a sustainable logistics work process. A sustainable supply chain is more than a decarbonised one. An entire industry of plastic manufacturers and plastics converters is orienting their behaviour programmes to zero emission of plastics to the environment. The programme named "Operation Clean Sweep" needs to be embedded not only in own operations but cascaded through the entire supply chain. These initiatives, CFP reduction and OCS are to be bolt-on to the equipment- , procedural- and behavioural safety programmes. The presentation will use SQAS as a corner-stone for implementation of these in the chemical supply chain and how that can be used by the individual stakeholders in their supplier selection and performance management process.

• Operation Clean Sweep, the industry’s pledge to zero plastic spill
• Decarbonisation of logistics for the chemical and plastics manufacturing industry
• Safety and quality assessment for a sustainable supply chain

This was one of the most interactive events I have ever attended. Very knowledgeable speakers and great participants

Vice President, Major Transformation Project at Solvay

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